Deception IV: Blood Ties Review |

Written by Cody Perez |

Beginning nearly 20 years ago on the original PlayStation, Tecmo’s Deception is a much lesser known series about letting your masochistic desires run rampant. Fans of these niche games have waited quite some time for the fourth entry in the saga. The good news is, the wait is over. Entitled Deception IV: Blood Ties, players will find themselves stepping into the role of the Devil’s daughter. The daughter of darkness is no joke, as she employs the services of three demon mistresses to lure enemies into complex and sometimes even gruesome traps.

The powers of elaborate, humiliation, and sadistic are your tools in this strategy-focused action game. In your castle, you are the ruler, but many people wish to take you down or simply they have wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time and so it is your job to fight back, with traps. The game takes place in the third-person perspective, with the ability to move around freely, but with no way of defense (unless you pick the easy difficulty). With no ability to attack your enemies, you must avoid them while setting up traps that will unleash a horde of terrors when they step into the wrong place. Timing is key here, as not only must you manually set off traps when the time is right, but you must also be careful to not accidentally catch yourself in the crossfire. There were several times, especially early on, that I mistakenly launched myself in the air by my own springboard. It was amusing, of course, but also enlightening. The game does a good job of pacing you to the point where you are a Rube Goldberg-like pro.

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