Independent Publisher, Curve Digital, will be assisting Roll7 with bringing their “2D precision trick-based¬†skating game” OlliOlli over to the Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, and WiiU in early 2015.

Players should expect the same critically acclaimed action as seen on PC and PlayStation devices. The game ships with over 250 challenges, 100 levels, and 120+ tricks. Also returning are the four game modes such as Career, Spots, RAD mode and the Daily Grind, where players will compete on a global scale for the highest score.

Set across five different stages, the horizontal side-scroller pixelized skateboarding game will now have a home on each of the major consoles and handhelds. Look for Curve Digital and Roll7 to bring OlliOlli to gamers in early 2015. No price or date have been given yet.