Conga Master – PC Review

Conga Master was developed by Undercoders and published by Rising Star Games. The game was released on September 14th and a code was given to us for review purposes.

Have you ever had the desire to be the life of the party? Do you want all eyes on you, but maybe you don’t have the moves to back it up? Well look no further my friend, because the folks at Rising Star Games are giving you your chance with Conga Master, and you don’t even need to throw your dancin’ shoes on!

Conga Master is a very simple game, with a great sense of humor and a healthy bit of a challenge. Imagine throwing the doors to the building open,conga5 enthusiastically telling yourself “what could possibly go wrong?” and dancing up a storm. Your objective is to get everyone else around you to dance as well. While you can’t dance up on them, you can dance in their close vicinity until they can’t resist the urge and join your conga line. The longer your conga line the easier it is to recruit people because you have constant contact in their vicinity with your dancing. However, the longer your line the harder it is to keep your momentum.

Chaining recruitments into your conga line is challenging, and satisfying. When you run into the right area and get set up to recruit a 5x combo it’s amazing! However on the other side of things, when you’re out on the floor and you can only find one or two people out there you start to worry about losing your momentum and have to ponder whether it’s even worth trying to recruit them. Luckily, there are pickups throughout the map, usually sitting on the bar. These will help you with adding momentum or make you more charming assisting in your recruitment.

All this sounds fairly straight forward, and kind of easy right? Well, I haven’t mentioned the jocks or the pigs yet! Scattered throughout the environments are pigs (in hats!) and musclebound jock guys. You must avoid them! The pigs will join your conga line just like the rest of the pedestrians, but the jocks will just knock you around. Since you can only move in a wide swooping arc to the left or right, dodging the jocks can be rough. Avoiding the pigs can make it challenging with recruiting more people because if the pig is right next to a group, you’ve got to figure out a wide swooping area that only attracts the partygoers and not the pigs.

I played simply using a keyboard on the PC, you don’t really need more than that to be honest. Your controls are right, left, confirm and exit. Naturally, I bound my right/left arrow respectively for my player movement. I tested a controller as well and it’s actually very well mapped. You can use the d-pad, the joystick, or the L and R buttons. You’ve got so many options, you’re bound to find something you’ll like (get it? bound?)

conga12For gameplay variation, you have story mode, endless mode and multiplayer. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to try multiplayer at this time, but I have spent time in story mode and endless. Story mode takes you to different locations such as a disco club, or the back to the future under the ocean school dance. Once you play a level in story mode, it is then unlocked for the endless mode. Here, you’ll no longer have a time limit to get out the door, you just need to manage your momentum so you can go forever.

All in all, I think Conga Master is a fun little quirky party game with a silly style and a fun hook. I’ll definitely continue playing to kill time here and there and see what characters I can unlock, and what other funny achievements I can get. Conga Master comes out today, September 14, on PC, and will be available on console in early 2017.