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Mario Golf: World Tour Review |

Review written by CapnMikeM for Spring is the air here in the Northeast. On any given weekend you can walk out your front door and hear your neighbors mowing their lawns or trimming their hedges. It’s a wonderful time […]

Kirby Triple Deluxe review |

Review was written by CapnMikeM for It might have taken him longer than usual to make his platform debut but some things are just worth the wait, aren’t they? Kirby is back for his 15th instalment and his first […]

R-Type Dimensions Review – PS3

R-Type Dimensions was released on May 20th, for the PS3. The game was developed by Tozai Games. A download code was provided for review purposes. All right retro gamers, a fantastic retro shooter is coming to the Sony PS3 on May 20, 2014. […]

Titan Attacks! Review

Titan Attacks! was released on May 6th, for the PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. It had been previously released on the PC. The game was developed by Puppy Games and was ported to the PlayStation family by Curve Digital. A download code was […]

DIABLO 3: Reaper of Souls Review |

Written by Ethan Buck | Diablo 3 was my first game of the franchise and although I didn’t know much about the series at first, I found out from other fans what the staples of a good Diablo game […]

Lego The Hobbit Review |

Written by Nathan Braudrick | I would be hard pressed to come up with another gaming franchise that innovates so little from title to title, and yet remains so consistently fresh and fun as the LEGO games have. Gamers […]

Deception IV: Blood Ties Review |

Written by Cody Perez | Beginning nearly 20 years ago on the original PlayStation, Tecmo’s Deception is a much lesser known series about letting your masochistic desires run rampant. Fans of these niche games have waited quite some time […]

Space Farmers Review |

Written by Chris Newton | Please take into consideration that the game during the evaluation process was on version 1.1 – 24th April 2014 Space Farmers. What do you think when you hear that name? Whatever it is, please […]

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 review |

Written by Emma Quinlan for Rebooting a franchise is a tactic that many video game companies often employ when looking to breathe new life into well-known entities and it’s one that can pay off very well if done right. […]

inFamous: Second Son review |

Written by Lachlan Cotter for Upon receiving inFamous: Second Son I was worried: super power based video games either go extremely well or just horribly wrong. Take the previous inFamous titles; both gems in the open world super powered […]

Luftrausers Review |

Written by Grant Shipcott for Luftrausers has already broken a little personal record for me. It is the game I spent most time researching before completing my review! Quite an achievement. The main reason I spent an hour trawling […]