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New Abyss Odyssey gameplay trailer

In anticipation of the impending release date for their action-adventure side scrolling game, Abyss Odyssey, ACE Team has released a new gameplay trailer. Abyss Odyssey releases on July 15 and for those who want to save 33% off the full […]

The Wolf Among Us: Season Finale Trailer

One of the more compelling video game releases in some time has to be the episodic story of The Wolf Among Us. Starting on July 8, Telltale Games will be releasing the season finale of The Wolf Among Us with […]

New Magic Gathering set includes 14 Gaming Industry vets

Wizards of the Coast will soon be releasing Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers and the Magic 2015 – Core Set. As an added bonus this year, veterans of the gaming industry have designed their own cards, which players […]

Blood of the Werewolf out on Xbox 360

This is what happens when you ignore the last-gen and devote all your attention to the present, you miss out on releases like Blood of the Werewolf for the Xbox 360. So let’s make a wrong a right by giving […]

Valiant Hearts releases today on PlayStation Network

Releasing later today on the PSN Store for the PS4 and PS3 is Ubisoft Montpellier’s latest game Valiant Hearts. Powered by the UbiArt Framework, Valiant Hearts is a puzzle adventure game inspired by letters which were written during World War […]

New Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes trailer

The new Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes trailer was released around the time of E3. In this new footage, it showcases how important it is to be thorough in your investigation of the crimes committed. In order to avoid sending […]

Abyss Odyssey releases on July 15

As we reported back at the end of April, the developers who previously worked on Rock of Ages are currently working on Abyss Odyssey. The game is a side-scrolling action adventure game where players will test their resolve by seeing […]

Battlefield Hardline Teaser trailer

E3 is kicking off today and to get things rolling, EA has released a trailer for the next installment in the Battlefield franchise. Visceral Game’s Battlefield Hardline is a departure from the past military games of this franchise as this […]

Battlefield Hardline to release on October 21

In one of the worst kept secrets in recent memory, the info around Battlefield Hardline has been leaking at unprecedented levels. Almost makes you wonder if this is part of their marketing gameplan. After many viewers watched leaked gameplay footage […]

Sniper Elite 3 Trailer – Multiplayer and Co-Op Modes

When players get their hands on Sniper Elite 3, one of the first modes they’ll want to play will either be 6v6 multiplayer or 2 player co-op. Today, 505 Games and Rebellion have released a trailer which goes over the […]