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Abyss Odyssey launching Summer 2014

From the makers of Rock of Ages, ACE Team recently announced that they are working on a new side-scrolling action adventure game called Abyss Odyssey. The game features a complex combat engine along with procedurally generated levels. The three warriors […]

Star Wars Pinball Heroes Within releases April 29th.

On April 29th, Zen Studios will release the finale to their Star Wars Pinball tables when they launch the Heroes Within pack. Originally slated to include three tables, Zen Studios has decided to include a fourth table. The Masters of […]

Bound by Flame releases on PlayStation 4 on May 9th

If you have been reading for some time, you know that we’ve covered Bound by Flame extensively. The game from Spiders Studios is going to be released in the coming weeks and today we have some new video and […]