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Secret Ponchos coming to Steam Early Access this Summer

A game that we had the chance to play at PAX East this year was Secret Ponchos by Switchblade Monkeys.  Secret Ponchos is a spaghetti western-esque multiplayer combat game that will be released on PC and PS4. When we got […]

AVALANCHE 2: SUPER AVALANCHE now up on Steam Greenlight

Fresh off their impressive showing at PAX East, Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche is also now up for community voting on Steam Greenlight.  And the fun doesn’t end there, as Midnight City and Beast Games have released a flash demo for Avalanche 2: […]

Bound by Flame releases on PlayStation 4 on May 9th

If you have been reading for some time, you know that we’ve covered Bound by Flame extensively. The game from Spiders Studios is going to be released in the coming weeks and today we have some new video and […]

Indie MMO, Villagers & Heroes now on Steam

Last week, Mad Otter Games released their Indie MMO, Villagers & Heroes, on Steam. The game launches with an expansion called Fury of the Stone Lord. Villagers & Heroes is a free-to-play MMO set in a fantasy world. Players will […]

Having difficulty with Cloudbuilt? Rising Star Games is here to help

Coilworks and Rising Star Games released Cloudbuilt last week. With the game receiving much praise, many players have tried their hands at this fact-action parkour inspired free-running platformer. However some might be having issues and that’s where Rising Star Games […]

Cloudbuilt launches today

Today, Coilworks and Rising Star Games are launching their new aerial free-running platformer entitled Cloudbuilt. On Tuesday, they released a launch trailer showcasing some of the fast, wall running, above-the-clouds action in their new launch trailer. For more of our […]

Cloudbuilt to release on March 20th

In preparation for their upcoming release, Coilworks and Rising Star Games have a launched a revamped website for Cloudbuilt. (Editor’s note: This is probably one of the coolest websites we’ve seen in quite some time) At it’s core, Cloudbuilt is […]

Cloudbuilt Screenshots and Concept Art

Rising Star Games and CoilWorks have released new screenshots and concept art for their upcoming game, Cloudbuilt. Cloudbuilt is a free-running gravity-defying game that is releasing on March 20th via Steam. For our past coverage on Cloudbuilt, please click here. […]

Cloudbuilt Teaser reveals release date

For those that don’t know, Coilworks has been busy creating a new game, a game of speed entitled Cloudbuilt. For the thrill seekers out there, Cloudbuilt sounds like it will be your game. According to the Rising Star’s website, they […]

Kill Who? Oh, Kill The Bad Guy

Vigilante justice is not only a dish best served cold but it’s also best served when the “bad guy” least expects it. French independent developer, Exkee has created a puzzle-based game, Kill The Bad Guy, that allows you to carefully […]