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PAX South 2015: Save the Dinos with JumpJet Rex

Sharing a booth with Filthy Casual, Tree Fortress Games from Edmonton was in attendance at PAX South showing off their 16-bit game JumpJet Rex. The 2D-retro platformer is currently on Steam Early Access but don’t expect it to be lingering […]

PAX South 2015: A second look at Wrack

A game we covered back in the early days of the site is Wrack by Final Boss Entertainment. Brad was kind enough to join us way back on episode 28 of the podcast and since then we’ve run a few […]

PAX South 2015: Hands-On with Rustbucket Rumble

If you like side-scrolling 2D, team-based, arena combat, then Rustbucket Rumble is your kind of game. The developers are Reactor Zero and they just announced their new title prior to PAX South 2015. The game is currently up on Steam […]

PAX South 2015: Moonrise Developer Diary

We last covered Undead Labs’ Moonrise back in September at the end of PAX Prime 2014. Here in San Antonio, Undead Labs are back on the show floor showing off the latest build of their mobile title, Moonrise. Just prior […]