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Enter the PAX Prime 2014 Swag Giveaway

Items included in the PAX Prime 2014 swag contest are: – 1 Costume Quest Halloween bag, courtesy of Midnight City – 1 Cinch bag courtesy of The Behemoth – 1 XL Midnight City T-shirt – 1 XL The Adventures of […]

Interstellar Marines launches co-op mode on September 18

On Thursday, September 18, Zero Point Software will be adding the long-awaited co-op mode to Interstellar Marines. Fans of the tactical FPS like Rainbow Six will be drawn to Interstellar Marine’s old school tactical style of play. The team at […]

Quick Look w/the Cap’n – Adventures of Pip (Alpha)

TicToc Games are closing in on their target Kickstarter funding goal. With three weeks remaining they could still use some more backers. If you enjoyed the walkthrough video, please check out their Kickstarter page and consider supporting Adventures of Pip. […]

PAX Prime 2014: Slayed by Ska’s Salt and Sanctuary

Having found success on the Xbox Live platform with Charlie Murder and the Dishwasher series, Ska Studios announced last week they’ll be releasing their next game exclusively on PlayStation 4 and the Vita. According to a post on the PlayStation […]

PAX Prime 2014: Post-Pax, Hive Jump thrives on Kickstarter

Fresh off a great showing at PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, Graphite Lab has parlayed those essential booth visits into a now successful Kickstarter campaign. With less than a day left on their campaign, the team has already crossed the […]

PAX Prime 2014: It’s time to go Bearzerkers

Our favorite game from Day Two of PAX Prime 2014 was Bearzerkers by Wildgrass Games. This local multiplayer game pits you against a Panda Bear and your opponents. You need to run from the Panda and at the same time […]

PAX Prime 2014: Tumblestone (Early Alpha)

Walking on the 6th floor of PAX Prime 2014, you encounter many games which maybe don’t get the same spotlight as games on the 4th floor ballroom. However, if one looks close enough, there are gems to be found. Case […]

PAX Prime 2014: Head to space with Reassembly

Nestled in the Indie-Mini-MEGABOOTH was Anisoptera Games with their spaceship building and combat game, Reassembly. The team of Arthur Danskin and Peter Brown explained to us their early memories of building spaceships out of LEGOs and how those moments never […]