Black Hat Oculus by Team Future was probably one of the busiest booths at Boston FiG and why not, everyone is still curious about the virtual reality phenomenon.

The game plays as a 2-player coop stealth game. There are two characters in the game. One is the Hammer and the other is Spice. Hammer will wear the oculus and will be responsible for progressing through the map. He’ll need to avoid traps, discover hidden secrets, and quietly move past suspecting agents. Spice will be your eyes in the sky. She’ll guide you through the level and assist with opening doors and hacking.

On paper, the premise of Black Hat Oculus is rather simple. Work as a team and all shall work out in the end. But not so fast as the real test here is that the players are not aware what the other is seeing for the first time. For example, when MAINEac17 sat down with the oculus, he had no idea what I was seeing on my screen and vice versa. Also, I tried to play the game as intended by typing out the commands on screen but we quickly resorted to just yelling back and forth at each other. After several failed attempts and a close encounter with a barf bag, MAINEac17 handed me the reigns of the oculus and low and behold we sailed right through the level. It was not that I was a better player than him, it was the fact that we now understood what each other was seeing. We could communicate to each other in the same language and that made things less complicated.

Black Hat Oculus is full of old school charm with modern day tech. This would be a fantastic experience for all involved if there was a way to guarantee at least one person owned an oculus and that both parties were playing online. I would be curious to try this game out some more and see how authentic the stealth experience would be if you could simulate the scenarios with more realism.

For those intrigued, like we are, Team Future are currently in the midst of a Kickstarter for Black Hat Oculus. We encourage you to visit their page and consider backing this project.