Boston FiG 2014: Catching up with World Zombination

World Zombination is in development by Proletariat and we had our first chance to look at it back at Pax East several months ago. Now after a more recent showing at Boston Figs we have a much better idea of how the game is shaping up. The game plays out in two sides, humans vs. zombie and you pick which faction to pledge your allegiance. I got to play a little bit on each side, and evaluate the differences. Similar to the experience we had before when we played as the zombies, you move around the board in an anti-tower offencive massive horde trying to overwhelm human military outposts on your way to critical buildings like hospitals where you can really do your heavy damage and gain victory points. The counter to that is the human side. During this level of play you are the towers and play a very defensive role against waves of enemy zombies. No matter what side you decide to support the gameplay is very fun for both. Kind of makes you wish you could play both against each other.

The parts of the game that I love actually take place outside the levels. In the menus you have all sorts of options to buff your team, gather resources, and research upgrades. Each of these mechanics cost you something from your ever growing compound of resources though. Maybe you need to gather supplies, feel free to send a buddy off to do that, but then you can’t take him into battle. Want to upgrade that stim pack so it recharges faster, when not only will it set you back a pretty penny but it’s going to take a few hours of real time to research. It’s these game play hooks that might sound gimmicky on paper, but really get you entrenched with the game and make you feel like you’ve worked hard to create your team.

Another way the game has evolved is with the metagame. When you are the zombie horde you are constantly pushing back against all the human players in a constant meta struggle. Proletariat also has implemented ways for you to bond with your fellow faction mates by creating a guild system and setting guild and universal goals for you to achieve. This will keep us all coming back to make sure you are either saving or ruining humanity day in and day out.

These qualities and more make World Zombination not just another tablet game. The art and color make the world pop along with how cool and unique all the characters look. You can easily see all the hard work and soul that has gone into World Zombination. Proletariat is still testing the game and told me that the Android beta should be right around the corner. The game looked nearly done so hopefully we can all be battling it out over world domination very soon. To sign up for the beta hit up their website here, and come back for our review when the game comes out soon.