One of the first games we had the pleasure of playing at Boston FiG was Treasure Adventure World by Robit Studios. In this Metroidvania-esque game, players will indulge themselves in side-scrolling platforming action while having the freedom to explore the open world environments. Players will be able to visit twelve different islands and enjoy a day/night cycle. Treasure Adventure World should take players somewhere between 15 and 20 hours to complete.

In speaking with the team at Boston FiG, there are three tenants to Treasure Adventure World. The game is about exploration, story, and puzzle solving. There are also elements of combat and the teams hopes to add weapons and power-ups.

At Boston FiG, we were able to play the introductory level which familiarized us with various characters, game mechanics, and simple quests. The game shows promise and seems to have core elements in place to make it an exciting and adventurous game to play. We left wanting to play more as the intro level was very basic. It was nice to get our feet wet on the intro level but would’ve liked to have seen some of the deeper levels too as we hear the game really opens up once you can go places with your sail-boat.

Luckily for us, we now have a press build and from the little we already played, we now have a greater appreciation for the art style and environments. There is a subtle depth to the2D landscapes which gives the game an artistic quality that is very pleasing and welcoming. Look for various quick look videos of Treasure Adventure Island, as time allows.

Treasure Adventure World will be released on Steam for Windows PC in 2015.