Boston Fig 2014: Organic Panic by Last Limb Games

Organic Panic is a 2D side scrolling puzzle platformer. The game is nothing like it’s generic genre though. It’s a spastic, beautifully drawn, puzzle adventure. You play as fruits and veg in a war against meat and cheese. Each stage is designed around your unique character abilities, and these guys are no ordinary produce. My favorite character to play with was the lightweight cherry, who spit up any surface which it stood on. Standing on concrete? Use it to destroy the dirt cliff that is blocking your way through the level. The game gives off an aura of fun and just makes it a blast to play.

The game is split into single player, co-op, and competitive modes. Each mode is distinctly unique. Going from puzzle solving on your own to mixing in the powers of two or more allies just opens up the possibilities. And then the competitive arena is just the most hectic scene you’ve ever seen, platforms being chopped into bits by the cherry, or being levitated into a lake of fire by the coconut. You just never know what’s going to happen.

This game has a lot going for it. It’s currently in early access on Steam and can be picked up for $9.99. The team hopes to bring their game to Xbox, Playstation, iOS, and Android platforms in the future. Organic Panic stands out with its expressive art style that just brings a charm to the game that isn’t always easy to find. The game packs a robust level editor so you can make your own crazy creations in the well built physics world, just like the lead level designer does. A game with this much packed in ends up being a great value for someone looking to enjoy an action platformer.