Boston FiG (Festival of Indie Games) is next weekend in Cambridge, MA at the MIT Johnson Athletic Center from 10a-9pm. In anticipation of this expo of games, we conducted an interview with Dan Silvers, the co-director of Boston FiG. Read on to hear what Dan has to say about the event and keep checking back as we’ll be providing coverage before, during, and after the festival.

GamersInBeta: Can you briefly explain the history of Boston FiG?
Dan Silvers: BostonFIG began in 2012 among members of the Boston Indies Community. We began preparing for it around PAX East of that year, and six months later the show went live. We expected a couple hundred people, but got a couple thousand instead. Since then we have moved into bigger spaces on the MIT campus, specifically the Johnson Athletics Center, and have established ourselves as a non-profit business is the State of Massachusetts.

GamersInBeta: For people who have never been to Boston FiG, what should they expect? What type of games? Only Boston Developers? Only Video Games?
Dan Silvers: For anyone who’s never been to BostonFIG, they should make this year their first. We’ll have ~200 games on display, both video games and tabletop games. The games there are not just from the Boston area, but really from all over, particularly the East Coast US and Canada.

GamersInBeta: Indie Games have had quite a resurgence over the last couple of years so we’d expect the demand must be high from developers to show off their games at the FiG. Can anyone register to show their games or must it meet some qualifications first?
Dan Silvers: It depends how they come in. We have a very inexpensive, but curated, option to submit your game, though there is a chance with curation that your game will not get in. If you do get in, though, you qualify for The Figgies Awards, our annual, audience voted awards show. If you are only interested in showing off your game, we have options of that as well, and that come with a host of sponsor benefits.

GamersInBeta: Have there been any success stories to come out of FiG? Have you seen developers show their games and then shortly down the road go on to enjoy success on their platform?
Dan Silvers: So many success stories! We have had games get publishing deals on the show floor, seen them run successful Kickstarters, or even get their games on Steam right after the show. This is where the magic happens, because at our show indies do not have to compete with the noise and spectacle of the AAA space. BostonFIG gives indies the opportunities to get in front of the right people, opportunities that they otherwise might not get.

GamersInBeta: This is the first year in which the general public had to pay to attend FiG. Why this change? Are there still tickets available.
Dan Silvers: We recently registered as a non-profit business in the State of Massachusetts with our 501c3 filing underway. Our focus is on games education, particularly for youth programs dedicated to teaching game development and related fields. Ticket sales not only help us cover the costs of the show, but will help us with what we feel is a great chance to train the next generation of game developers. There are PLENTY of tickets still available at for just $10, and they get even cheaper ($7.50 apiece) if you bring friends. Kids get in free!

GamersInBeta: Besides developers will there be any vendors at FiG, any special events coinciding with your event? Any panels?
Dan Silvers: Indeed. We have some local game shops coming by, as well as technology companies like Microsoft, Unity, Epic Games, Facebook, and many many more. Basically, anybody with a vested interest in game development will be there, whether they are developers or help developers. We have an afterparty hosted by Exclusively New England Parties at Stadium Faneuil Hall, which is going to be an awesome time! We also have many panels running throughout the day, on topics such as Early Access games, mental health in video games, how to approach games press, developing games alongside your community, and of course our exciting keynote speech, “An Actor’s Truth,” with Ashly Burch (Borderlands 2) and Sarah Elmaleh (Gone Home).

GamersInBeta: Why should someone dedicate a Saturday in September to spend the day at Boston FiG?
Dan Silvers: Because games! BostonFIG is a family oriented event, kids get in free, there are tons of games to play and things to learn about the game industry, and it’s a rare chance to really get to meet the hard workers in the game industry as opposed to their marketing teams. Bring your friends, bring the kids, it’s a great time for everyone.

For those interested in attending, tickets can be purchased at: