Update: This article has been updated since it was published, as we had a few pieces of info incorrect.

Tucked in the corner of Boston Festival of Indie games was Sombrero by Pixel Metal Games. Billed as a Spaghetti Western multiplayer, Sombrero is a fast-paced competitive multiplayer that is sure to put a smile on your face.

With fun over the top Western-inspired characters, as well as some special guests from games like Organic Panic, Extreme Exorcism, and Super Rad Ray Gun,  you now have a full roster of characters to play with across various modes. Currently, Sombrero is being shown with only one mode. In speaking to Nick at Pixel Metal, Classic Deathmatch and Capture the Flag are forthcoming, as is the yet-to-be-named “Kill the Man with the Ball” mode.

During our play session, we were able to test out the Loot mode. Facing off against three other players, it was our job to capture campsites, which act as multipliers. The more campsites we captured the higher the reward would be for loot drops and kills. The level we played came adorned with several ladders to traverse the various levels. The controls for shooting and jumping felt tight and responsive. However, when we respawned after a death, it took us awhile to regain our bearings as it was not clear where our character was on the screen. Certainly this could be a design element to give active players an advantage over respawning rivals.

Sombrero will release with either six or seven stages, and additional stages will be added with free DLC. And the same can be said for characters, expect more at no cost. Actually, the team is promising all future DLC will be FREE of charge. For those craving more than just gun slinging action, Pixel Metal will be introducing power-ups in their next update. The game is currently in Alpha and for those are interested in signing up for alpha/beta testing, please go to: apply.pixelmetal.com.

Pixel Metal has it’s sights on releasing the game on Steam in the future. Sombrero is currently a local multiplayer only game. Online multiplayer will come post-launch. Sombrero was a title we were unfamiliar with prior to Boston FiG but clearly this is a game well on its way to becoming a fun yet competitive multiplayer party game.



  • Thanks for the preview! Glad you guys enjoyed your hands-on time with Sombrero. A couple things:

    – You guys played “Loot” mode. Deathmatch & CTF are forthcoming, as is the yet-to-be-named KTMWTB mode.
    – Sombrero will release w/ 6-7 stages, and additional stages will be added with FREE DLC. Same w/ characters.
    – Powerups will be in the next update.
    – ALL DLC will be provided as free updated.
    – Online multiplayer will come post-launch. The initial release will be local multiplayer only, unless my time machine starts working.

    *** ANYONE who’d like to alpha/beta test the game can visit http://apply.pixelmetal.com, fill out the Google form, and will receive a (again, FREE) version of the coming build of the game.

    Thanks again for the write-up!