Fresh of the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Skymap Games brought their meaty platformer Bacon Man to Boston FiG 2014.

Bacon Man is a 3D side scrolling action platformer where players will engage in physic based platforming while mixing in elements of combat and shooting. Skymap Games makes it no secret that their challenging game has been inspired by other demanding titles like Rayman, Mega Man X, and Earthworm Jim.

During our visit with the game, we were not privy to the backstory but there is one, so lets recap together. In the world of Nomround, Old King Roast Beef has been murdered and The Food Kings have made it look like Bacon Man is responsible. Players will now play as Bacon Man as he tries to clear his name while finding out who is responsible for his grandfather’s murder.

One thing we noticed right away is Bacon Man is not a straight ahead platformer. Meaning you don’t just jump, run and climb to pass through the various levels. Instead, players will need to combo jumps and attacks to make it through a good portion of each level. Players should expect to either engage in close quarters combat or take out enemies with long ranged weapon attacks. As you progress through the levels, players will have the choice as to how they want to level up their characters and various deadly items can be purchased in the in-game store. The game is said to also come with a local co-op mode where players can choose between four different characters or players can be twinsies with different skins.

While the level design and animations seemed spot on, our experience with the controls could have been better. Now there could be various reasons why we struggled in certain areas. It could have been our lack of skill, a borked controller, or maybe the mechanics could use a bit of tightening up. Either way, we did enjoy ourselves and are looking forward to trying out the game more as it evolves over time.

Skymap Games are currently seeking your approval via Steam Greenlight as they’re looking to release their game on PC and Mac. For more info on how their Kickstarter went, please click here.