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Gamers In Beta Podcast 167 – Over Hyped

Direct Download to Episode 167 What a way to kick off September than to get back in the swing of doing some developer interviews. On Episode 167, CapnMikeM gets the chance to chat with Lee Petty of Double Fine Productions. […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 166: Predominantly Lazy

Direct Download to Episode 166 Episode 166 was tough to make, real tough. Do us a favor, download this bad boy and tell all your friends. We open the show discussing: our impressions of the Xbox One S, is the […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 165: A Palate Cleanser

Direct Download to Episode 165 It’s with great pleasure that on Episode 165 of the Gamers In Beta Podcast, we welcome Denny Luce (aka Luce Screw) of the Tap the Craft podcast to the show. While Denny has shifted away […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 164: Vegan Double Ender

Direct Download to Episode 164 With a rather plentiful news week, we present to you Episode 164 of the Gamers In Beta podcast. This week CapnMikeM is joined by Jay (MAINEac17) and Joe STATE. Topics include: Rogue One trailer, the […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 163: The B Team

Direct Download to Episode 163 Fresh from his overseas travels, CapnMikeM is back in the US and ready to somewhat pilot episode 163 of the Gamers In Beta podcast. With Corey and Joe absent this week, The B Team serves […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 162: Everything Is Up

Direct Download to Episode 162 With Episode 162, Gamers In Beta throw all conventional wisdom out the window. First, this was recorded a day earlier and with 5 co-hosts, something which is always rich for disaster. Topics this week include: […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 161: Smokey Glass

Direct Download to Episode 161 After a well deserved week-long break, CapnMikeM returns to host Episode 161 of the Gamers In Beta podcast. This week he is joined by Joe STATE, MAINEac17, and Quicksilver3355. San Diego Comic Con 2016 just […]

The Witcher 3: Gwent Deck giveaway

Earlier this year, we went to PAX East 2016 in Boston and came home with some items that we want to share with you. As you can see from the picture, there is a bunch of stuff, most notably a […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 160: Bastard Birds

Direct Download to Episode 160 For the first time in Gamers In Beta history, CapnMikeM was unable to make a regularly scheduled show. Hosting Episode 160 in his place is Joe STATE. The other co-hosts this week are: Jay (MAINEac17), […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 159: A Rebirth

Direct Download to Episode 159 Episode 159 is an action packed 90 minutes of video game nonsense mixed in with some other nonsensical nonsense. Listen and enjoy us carry on about Pokemon Go, Xbox trade in programs, Xbox’s Teraflops, Nvidia’s […]

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End giveaway

Let’s celebrate Summer being in full swing by giving away a FREE copy of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The contest below runs from July 8th thru July 15th. Enter below to be qualified for the giveaway. Good luck to […]

Gamers In Beta Podcast 158: Haunted Fish

Direct Download to Episode 158 Happy-belated 4th of July! We hope you and your families had a great holiday weekend. On Episode 158, Sean aka Quicksilver3355 joins the GiB family as an occasional co-host/writer. We thank him for his willingness […]