Adventures of Pip was a game we first heard about when attending PAX Prime in Seattle back in August of 2014. Today, Tic Toc Games have announced their retro action-platformer will be released come May of this year. After a successful showing at PAX Prime and an unbelievable outpouring of support for their kickstarter campaign, Tic Toc has been building out more of the game. They’ll take a brief pause to show new fans some of the added levels next week at PAX South in San Antonio, TX.

For those unfamiliar with Adventures of Pip, here is what we had to say back in September:

Adventures of Pip takes players on a side-scrolling action journey where the main character, Pip, starts off as a single pixel. He and other low resolution characters are doomed to a life of servitude. The Skeleton Queen has reduced most of the inhabitants to a single pixel, like Pip. But story has it that a ghost knight named Sir William has given Pip the ability to use the powers of the bitstream. As he defeats enemies on his quest, he absorbs their pixels and increases in size, strength and fidelity. Along with his physical form, the game’s visuals, gameplay, and music evolve as well.  However, Tic Toc Games has not made gameplay that simple, as with each evolution of Pip and his world, there is a balance to be had and learned.

For more info, you can see what we had to say after we played through some of the post-PAX Prime Alpha demo. Click here to watch and read our thoughts.

Adventures of Pip will release in May 2015 for PC, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.