About the Gamers In Beta Podcast:
GamersInBeta is a weekly video game podcast hosted by CapnMikeM.
We recap the previous week’s news as well as talk about relevant issues facing the industry but more than likely we’ll just shoot the proverbial you know what.

Twitter: @GamersInBeta
Email: capnmikem@gamersinbeta.com
Google Plus: gplus.to/GamersInBeta
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GiBCast

CapnMikeM – Boston, MA
Host of @GamersInBeta Podcast | Editor-in-Chief of GamersInBeta.com | Twitch Streamer | Associate News Editor at BagoGames.com
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Podcast Co-Host Bios:

MAINEac17 – Maine
Casual gamer, Husband, Father, Grandfather & tech lover ! @GamersinBeta Minion & cohost. Maineac17 on XBL, Steam, PSN, Origin, Battlenet

Kailon791 – Evansville, IN
Electrical Engineer, Phi Gam, @GamersInBeta Podcast Co-Host

Khell18 – Maine
Dark Souls and Pokemon fanatic